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Jessie Jay Cloth

10 gram & 20 gram Yummy Edible Lip Sugar Scrubs | Jars can be re-used once empty!

10 gram & 20 gram Yummy Edible Lip Sugar Scrubs | Jars can be re-used once empty!

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@insomniacemporium New flavors in for edible sugar scrubs. Fruit punch and tutti fruiti which is like a green Apple jolly rancher. Yummy! Try our edible sugar scrubs at #tuttifrutti #fruitpunch #birthdaycake #edible #sugarscrub #flavor #jessiejaycloth #shoponline #wahm #yummy #delicious #lipscrubbusiness #lipscrub #lipscrubshop #makeup #tryme #foryou #stockingstuffers #present #daughter #mother #gift #packaging #scoop #ordernow #orderup #watermelon #birthdaycake #tropicalpunch #banana #strawberry #pinklemonade #kids #children ♬ Tukoh Taka (Instrumental) - KPH

✨Spill Proof Liner for 10 and 20 gram jars! Jars are reusable! You can add your favorite lotion, shampoo, conditioner, lip gloss etc. Perfect to take on vacation or traveling. 

The perfect solution for kids who experience dry lips during the colder months. My daughter refused to let me apply anything to her peeling dry skin that made her lips bleed. The sugar scrub is a huge hit with her, and I never have to worry about her lips getting so dry that they will bleed. 

We also have a multi-use lip brush that can be purchased with your order for $1.50. They will come sealed in a bag. Click Here to see them


Scents Currently in stock for larger size:

  • Birthday Cake 

  • Watermelon

  • Tutti Fruiti

  • Fruit Punch 

Scents available in smaller 5 gram jars click here to purchase: 

  • Watermelon 

  • Tropical Punch 

  • Banana Cream 

  • Pink Lemonade 

  • Strawberry Banana

  • Birthday Cake


10 gram to 20 gram lip scrubs that exfoliate the lips to remove dry or dead skin. Once the dead skin is removed from the lips. It is best to follow up with one of our lip oils or lip gloss to help moisturize the lips.

The lip scrubs are formulated with organic cane sugar, castor oil, grapeseed oil, cosmetic grade mica powder and flavoring oil.


How To Use: A little goes a long way! 


1. Put water on the lips.

2. Pinch a small amount of lip scrub  and apply to the lips in a circular motion.

3. Rinse scrub off or lick the edible scrub off after completing the process.

4. Apply a lip gloss or lip oil to lock in the moisture.

My kids love licking the remaining scrub off. 👅

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