104 Piece Variety of Cloth Wipes & 6 Towels | Mainly 7x7 with some mismatch sizes made from scraps

Jessie Jay Cloth

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1 ply wipes are great for getting into babies creases to clean better vs 2 ply which can be to thick to fully clean. I like 2 ply to get the bulk of things and then 1 ply to get into those little spaces to fully clean. 

Good for reusable baby wipes.
Also great for reusable toilet paper (family cloth),wash cloths, cleaning rags, glasses wipes. You name it!.
1 ply is more like a traditional baby wipe


Un-paper towels are 11x7, 12x7, and 13x7 

Cloth wipes are mainly 7x7 with some 6x6, 5x6, 4x8, 7x8 and some mismatch 

104 piece set all 1 ply

  • 12 Sharktastic 
  • 17 sloth in trees 
  • 15 Underwater creatures 
  • 2 purple pizza 
  • 8 black pizza 
  • 8 little monster 
  • 4 geo sharks 
  • 4 campers 
  • 8 aztec blue llama 
  • 8 alien in spaceship 
  • 12 sea turtles underwater 

6 Variety Towels in Plaid wilderness, Geo shark, Sea turtle, Alien in spaceship.


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