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Jessie Jay Cloth

Gender Neutral Pocket Cloth Diapers | Set or singles | Used de-stash

Gender Neutral Pocket Cloth Diapers | Set or singles | Used de-stash

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Jack NBC is an all in one diaper (has insert sewn into the inside, and you can add an insert into the pocket) 
$2 per diaper or buy the entire lot. You can screenshot and circle which diapers you would like or you can send me a message to let me know which diapers you would like if purchasing singles. 
✔Located in St Louis for local pick up or drop off for large orders 
- Elastics are perfect & like new 
- No stains on pocket diapers 

✔ I don't have time to strip these nor do I have a tub to do large batches. Large orders will come with 1 to 2 RLR packets. Soak items in hot water with 1-2 packets for a few hours, stir occasionally, and then wash as normal. These have been sitting for over a year so there so a slight smell to the more used inserts and pockets. Which is what the RLR packet will take care of. 

No stains/tears/rips besides 1 or 2 diapers which will be noted in the listing. Inserts may have some staining on the bamboo inserts. And the overnight inserts were only used for a few months before my son was potty trained, so stains on them will be rare, but could have a few. 

Washed in tide powder original with a fluff approved routine with my washer/dryer  
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