10 x 10 Medium Bloom Microwave Bowl cozy |Neon Tie Dye Kitty Cats | Tie Dye

Jessie Jay Cloth

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This listing is for the exact bowl cozy shown in image #1; other photos show examples of sizing difference for comparison.


- Discounted for being the first I've made of this pattern. You can choose a custom bowl cozy by clicking here.  


Optional Cotton hanging strap can be sewn into a corner for easy air drying.  >>> Click here to add on <<<


With its unique flower petal shape, this microwave-safe bowl cozy gives a sweet floral touch to the popular bowl cozy. Whether for a birthday or a holiday, they make great gifts.


Bowl cozies are a great way to protect your hands from hot or cold bowls! When removing hot bowls from the microwave, you no longer have to worry about burning your hands. This is also a great way to keep your hands from freezing when enjoying a bowl of ice cream. It can be used on either side, making it both versatile and cute! The interior is sewn to 100% Natural Cotton Batting, while the exterior is covered with two layers of cotton woven or flannel prints. 100% cotton materials, including thread, make these cozies microwave safe.


❌Safety information:

  • Cozies are made for heating food not baking.
  • Cozy should be used at a 2 minute intervals when heating food in the microwave. When longer cooking time is needed, stop turn the item, then start again.
  • Never leave microwave unattended while cooking with the cozy.


Approximate sizes:
Small (kids, dessert, or sauce bowls)  =  8 x 8 inches

Medium (regular bowl size)  = 10 x 10 inches

Large (pasta or salad bowls)  = 12 x 12 inches


Washing/Drying :

  • Machine wash cold/delicate or hand wash
  • Recommended to Air Dry; iron as needed.
  • Fabrics are 100% cotton and if throw in the dryer multiple times shrinkage will occur over time.



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