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Jessie Jay Cloth

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 Not water proof - these bags will be lined with cotton woven fabric. Check out our wet bags for a waterproof solution. 

Note: All bags will be sewn like pictures 3 and 4. This cuts down on excess bulk on the bag. Our large size is not pictured. 


✓ Options for one or two pockets - Click here for 2 pocket add on Your bag will only come with ONE if you do not click the add on. 
✓ Storage for clean pads or other items
✓ Snap Closure
✓ Bags make great gifts – everyone will find their own unique way to use it!

Optional to add a snap on handle to all bags - Click here to add on handle There are 3 styles and fabrics to choose for a handle. 


Fabrics to choose - Enter which fabric you would like in notes at checkout. If there is not enough fabric left for your bag I will contact you for another choice. If I do not hear back in 24 hours you will be refunded. 



✓ Mini 5”x 4” - Fits cup, pacifier, or used as pad wrapper

✓ XS 6” x 5” Fits 1 - 3 folded pads depending on size

✓ S 8” x 5” Fits 4 - 6 folded pads depending on size

✓ M 9” x 6” Fits 5 - 9 folded pads depending on size

✓ L 8.75” x 10.5” Fits 10+ pads 

✓ XL 9” x 11” Perfect for a couple cloth diapers and cloth wipes


♥ Some possible uses include:

✓ Great for traveling
✓ Use it as a makeup or toiletry bag
✓ Fill it with anything you'd like to store, organize, or travel with.
✓ Cloth Wipes
✓ Cloth Pads
✓ Toiletries
✓ Cosmetics - Make up
✓ Knitting or sewing projects
✓ Toys
✓ Electronics and adapters
✓ Pencils, crayons, markers, for school
✓ Snacks
✓ Baby items
✓Medicine + More!
♥ The options are endless



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