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Jessie Jay Cloth

FULL SET! Personal Safety Accessories by Color | Add this listing to any of our wristlets to turn it into a Personal Safety Key chain Set

FULL SET! Personal Safety Accessories by Color | Add this listing to any of our wristlets to turn it into a Personal Safety Key chain Set

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If you decide that the suitcase isn't the right choice for you, you can use the coupon code " SAVE5 " in all caps to get $5 off your Self Defense Keychain Set.

✨ NOTE: When you purchase your keychain, all of the accessories are included, but they will come separately. (not attached to wristlet) This is so that you can easily arrange the accessories in the order that you prefer, and so that you can customize the keychain to meet your needs.

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- First 10 people to purchase will receive a surprise goodie bag!

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IF YOU DO NOT ADD A WRISTLET TO THIS LISTING THEN IT WILL ONLY COME WITH THE SAFTEY ACCESSORIES. Wristlets shown in the images are examples of what we currently have in stock, and you can choose from at the link above!


👉👉 This Listing is for: 👈👈 A Full set of safety accessories grouped together by color! Just choose a wristlet from our shop to complete your Safety Wristlet Keychain!


0. Cute Holographic rainbow kitty cat keychain window breaker.
When purchasing this item, it is important to remember that they may have small imperfections such as scratches or air bubbles in the paint coating. This is natural and expected with items of this type, and does not take away from the overall quality of the item. We strive to provide quality items, but it is important to remember that small imperfections may occasionally be present visually, but doesn't affect function of the item.

1. 💡The LED Mini Light & Whistle Combo
2. 🗝🔑 1 Key Shaped Bottle Opener
3. ⏰🔔 Emergency Safety Alarm 130DB with LED Light (picture #3)
- Comes instructions (24 different colors, You will NOT be able to choose your own color. Color will be chosen by me to match wristlet or other accessories. You may message me to see if a certain color is in stock. This is the only way I can guarantee you can get a certain color.)
4. Chapstick holder & Bonus Lip Balm. - This holder also fits lighters
5. Refillable Mini Hand Sanitizer Keychain - Shown pictures - It can be refilled with your favorite Hand sanitizer or add lotion.
6. Safety Key Chain - In the bag
7. Key Shaped Letter Opener/seatbelt cutter - Comes with a colored chain so you can attach as a keychain.
9. Mini flashlight keychain in 6 colors
10. Velvet or Organza bag
11. Small Fidget Toy
12. Bonus Guardian Angel Keychain
13. Cute little Suitcase (color will be chosen by me to match wristlet or accessories)
14. Lip Scrub/Balm/Gloss chosen by me depending on what's in stock

15. AND LAST OF ALL choose your wristlet from the link above! Or you will only get the accessories!


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