Wholesale - Are you buying for your business?

Wholesale - Are you buying for your business?

Minimum Orders are $150 

Prior to taking the time to help you with a wholesale order, I require a $5 Refundable Fee.

By requiring the fee, I am able to avoid people wasting my time and spammers. It will be refunded or deducted from the wholesale order total, as stated. $5 can be sent via Facebook Pay, PayPal via Friends/Family, OR by purchasing a $5 Donation Pad from the website. 


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✔ The average processing time for orders $150 - $200 is 3-5 Business days. 

 For orders $200+ 4-7 Business days

 When contacting me Please Include: 

  • Business Page (Facebook or others) 
  • Business Name 
  • Business Website or Etsy Account  (if available) 
  • Social Media Used for advertising your Business 
  • List of items you are interested in. This includes Shapes, Lengths, Absorbency, Snapped Width etc. 

✔ I can create a starter pack for you to simplify things. Starter packs will include The Most popular shapes and Lengths. You can choose Novelty Starter Pack or Basic Shape Starter Pack. 


✔ Wholesale pricing is 50% off Regular Pricing for Cloth Pads. Sale Prices do not apply to Wholesale. When using Sezzle to pay, a fee will be added to the total price.

 ✔ If you are interested in items other then cloth pads contact us for a Price Quote. 


✔ Emails can be sent to JessieJayCloth@gmail.com or contact us at our Facebook links located at the bottom of the website. 

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