5️⃣ In Stock Knit Fabric #5

This albums shows in stock fabric choices for custom orders. This is Album #5 or Knit Album. 


 Fabric will be stated above each collage. When Choosing from this album for Custom Orders. Instead of a Number you will just add the name you see on the fabric you would like. EXAMPLE: Album 5 or "Knits", Pastel Hocus Pocus 


✓ In the notes box, you can add multiple fabrics to make choosing fabrics easier. Let's say you are ordering multiple pads of the same length/absorbency, you can hit quantity+1,2,3,4 etc and add all the fabrics at once in the notes. 

✓ Example: Hit +3 quantity  | Type in the notes all of the fabric names you would like with commas in between.

EXAMPLE: " Demon Slayer, Mad Smiley, Pokemon Mashup" 

✓ You may also type Surprise prints in the notes box along with what prints you Like/Dislike   ✓ EXAMPLE: Surprise prints. I like cats, Disney, galaxy, nature, 90's cartoons. I dislike Adult Prints.

Athletic Knit - Victorian Unicorn Skull

Soft French Terry Fabric 

From Left to right Bats: Pineapple, Strawberry, Watermelon, Avocado, Blueberry, Cherry, Dragon fruit, Kiwi, Lemon  

Last bat on top is Peach Bat, Then Pink Fruit bat mash up, Blue Fruit Bat Mash up 

Cotton Lycra 

Poly Poplin Cotton - Smooth Breathable fabric that is Stain Resistant. Liquid Passes through this fabric and has more of a stay dry feeling.  These are the only prints that cannot be used for headbands! 4 prints

Double Brushed Poly - Except the last 2 pictures which is DTY polyester knit spandex. (berry & campfire) 


Double Brushed Poly






Cotton Lycra Below this text 


Mix of bases 

Top 2 rows are waffle knit, bottom row is soft rib knit 

First 5 are rib knit, than 3 DBP, and 1 waffle at the end