6️⃣ In Stock Vinyl-Leather Fabric #6

This album can only be chosen for the Custom Coffin Wristlet Clutch currently. More items coming soon.

Left to right:

- Red Splatter Diamond & Purple Splatter Diamond 

- Smooth -  Lavender, Light Pink, Black, Sky Blue  


Pokémon Packed - Smooth  

Small Scale - Pastel Horror - textured 

Pastel bats - Smooth 

Small Scale - Dead Men don't catcall - Textured 

Lisa Frank Inspired Peens on black - Textured 

Small Scale - Kraken - Smooth


Small Scale - Slay the day Horror on black - Textured 

Small Scale - Lisa Frank Inspired Peens on cheetah - Textured 

Rainbow Ghost Face - Textured 

Stained Glass Black Nightmare 

Stained Glass Silver Day Dream