💥 Unpaper Towels & Wipes

Cloth Wipes - Pricing & Info

100+ Flannel Fabrics to choose from 

Our 7 x 7 Wipes on top row & 4.25 x 8.25 Wipes on bottom row. They fit perfectly in a wipes container and make great Family Cloth. Never buy Toilet Paper, Baby Wipes, Tissues, or Napkins again.

Set these in a basket; on the back of the toilet, in a wipe warmer, or the dining room table to replace all of the disposable paper products your family uses.


 Cloth Wipes and unpaper towels can save you a ton of money in the long run. They have multiple uses and can be used for years to come. You can help reduce your carbon input and reduce landfill waste. This is about as green as you can get. Cloth wipes are zero waste which is something that can't be said for baby wipes. 

Babies go through thousands and thousands of diaper changes before being potty trained. If you use two wipes per change (and lets be honest... some of those poopy explosions are going to need more than two disposable wipes), we're talking over 10 to 15 thousand wipes. Picture all that in your local landfill!

Easy for on the go 

They come in handy in your diaper bag. Whether its a snotty nose or sticky hands; Cloth Wipes are always a good thing to have on hand. Clean up messes easier and more efficient. Our Wipe bits are also great for camping; you can take them on the go without worrying about any spills like normal liquid soap. Perfect 1 time use soaps. 

No Harmful Chemicals 

Reduce diaper rash with our cloth wipes, and wipes solution made from our wipe bits. You'll never have to run to the store for more baby wipes again! Cloth Wipes has got it beat when it comes to softness.

Keeps you cleaner - Cloth wipes are hefty things and they will help keep your hands clean while wiping your baby. I use way less cloth wipes during diaper changes that I ever did with disposables. Much like a wash cloth, cloth wipes really grab the mess - making it much easier to clean up. You'll find that you use far fewer wipes as a result. 

Fun Colors & Prints 

Ok probably not a benefit at all but it does make something as boring as baby wipes fun! I try to keep a variety of fabric on hand; but I can also take custom orders on prints that you would like; that arent currently in stock. I always enjoy custom orders; and helping people find what they are looking for. 


A dozen un-paper towels will last for 1 year+

UN-Paper Towels are reusable cloth towels that are useful for cleaning up spills and wiping off counters. They wash and dry beautifully. A perfect paper towel replacement that is eco-friendly and cost effective. A dozen will hold up for a year or more.

These absorbent flannel Towels are 1 or 2 ply and naturally cling together the more you wash them; so you can easily roll them on to a paper towel dispenser for easy use and storage. Use these in place of cloth wipes, paper towels, tissues, or sponges. 


They are great for cleaning, dusting, cleaning up spills, washing dishes, cleaning sticky hands and messy faces, wiping runny noses, cleaning the high chair, table, or picnic napkins. 

✔️ Using as a place mat for plates/utensils (great for picnics)

✔️Picking up hot handles from the stove (2 ply towels)

✔️ A hand towel to hang in the kitchen

✔️Setting hot plates/pots on top of to keep from burning the counter (2 ply towels)

✔️ A coaster for your drink
✔️ Bath time
✔️ Lunch box
✔️ A burp cloth or napkin.

The options are endless 🙂

11x9.75 on top which is our Full Size Towels & 11x6 half size towels are on bottom

On top is our full size and half size towels; with our 4.25x8.25 cloth wipes on bottom for size comparison.