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Jessie Jay Cloth

Fleece backing to liners instead of Flannel | Add on

Fleece backing to liners instead of Flannel | Add on

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Length of Liner being upgraded

Liners come with a flannel backing; this listing upgrades your backing to fleece. Select the option that corresponds with your length of panty liner. 

In the notes Add which liners you would like replaced with fleece; If you are getting a mix of regular flannel and Fleece backings.

You can include the length of liner & album/fabric # that you want switched out. As well as the template if you are getting a mix of shapes for liners. 

6" Thong, Album 1 #22
Serged 8" Album 3 #6
Lip liner Album 2 # 120
Template J Album 1 #45


Current Custom liner shapes are: Thong, Serged, Straight/Template J, 6" Lip Liner, & Uterus.  


You may also say ALL LINERS if you are switching all of them over.

If getting multiple of the same size just hit the + button next to quantity to make it simpler and add multiple albums/fabrics to the notes. 

- You hit +6 on quantity | Album 1 #'s 22, 45,36 and Album 2 #'s 5, 120, 140 

- Hit +3 on quantity | Album 1 # 42, Album 2 #80, and Album 3 #122 

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