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Jessie Jay Cloth

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👉 We offer interchangeable charms for necklaces that can be swapped out for any charm in our collection. Start building your charms by purchasing one of our waxed necklace cords (18" or 24"). You can even get 1 in each length. Changing charms is easy; just slide them off and replace with a new one.

👉 Choose as many necklace cords as you would like They are $2 each for either size. Picture #3 shows the length difference between the 2 sizes. 



👉 This listing also has the option to have all charms turned into a key chain. The Price includes 1 Keyring with lobster claw AND your choice of charm. They could be interchanged if you wanted to only  order 1 keychain and several charms. 

- Keychain = 1 key ring + Lobster claw and your choice of 1 Charm 

- Key chain + Build a Charm Pack = 1 Key ring + Lobster Claw + Charm pack of 4/8/16 pieces. Don't forget to specify which charm pack you want, as the price is just for the 1 piece keychain. Here you have the choice of one key chain and multiple charms on the side so you can switch them out as you wish.



Charms are $3 each or you can do a combo pack to save! 

4 pieces for $10
8 pieces for $18 
16 pieces for $36

👉 To choose your charms just add which group you chose from and the color/name of charm you would like. Charms will be in groups listed for each image. 

Example: " Group #1, Pink Lollipop" 

When getting multiple in a pack you can add them ALL in 1 note like this: 

"Group #1, Pink and blue lollipop
Group #2, Yellow Carrot and Blue mouse 
Group #5, Half Size 
Group #7, Letter B " 

Click here to see all of our charms in a clear list. 

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