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Jessie Jay Cloth

Custom Twist Knot Headband | Turban Head Band | Head wrap | Choose your print

Custom Twist Knot Headband | Turban Head Band | Head wrap | Choose your print

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@insomniacemporium Twit Knot turban headbands in the shop! So many cute witchy prints, Pokémon, anime, solids, and luxurious stretch velvet. #twistknotheadband #twisted #beetlejuice #pokemon #gottacatchemall #velvet #luxurious #headband #earwarmer #winter #hairaccessory #turbanheadband #shopp#shoponline #jessiejaycloth #wahm #shopontiktok #witchyvibes #witchy #witchythings #blackcat #moth #deathmoth #ghostface #scream #fruitbat #bat #anime ♬ Dirty Thoughts - Chloe Adams



Album #5 is the only album you can choose prints from. You may also click here to check out our Facebook album of knit fabrics we haven't had a chance to add yet. You can message me or screen shot the prints you would like and upload where it says to on the listing. You can upload up to 5 images at a time if getting multiple of the same size.

Album #5 Knit Fabrics 


🔮 Stylish and functional, these headbands are perfect for tying down those pesky little "fly away" hairs.

🔥 They are fantastic for medical professionals, hikers, runners, fitness enthusiast, and everyone in between. I love using them when I don't feel like washing my hair or if I need a fresh color!

★ F E A T U R E S -

👉 This headband is cut to be approximately 3.75" to 4” wide and has a circumference of 19" up to 22".
- My head measures 21" and I love the feel of each size.

🖤 Not sure what size to get? The last photo shows you how to get a measurement for your head. Size down 1" if you want a tighter headband, Size up 1" or 2" if you like a looser fit. Don't have a measuring tape; you can also use string? Size small & medium is the average choice for an adult.

👉 XS = 19" (tighter fit and will not move around)
👉 Small = 20" (slightly wider, still snug for no slipping)
👉 Medium = 21" (comfy and fits perfectly, no moving)
👉 Large = 22" (Not as snug, still super comfy, great for people who have afro or thicker hair)

🌈 There are a few ways to wear the headbands:
1. With the twist in the back (to hold hair back in the front)
2. With the twist in the front for a more narrow and cute look.
3. Headbands may be worn flat for maximum width and fuller head-coverage
4. Or scrunched for a minimalist-look

In cooler weather, they can also be worn to cover the ears.

Pattern placement will vary; I have included a picture of the fabric to show the variations.

(Care Instructions)
Hand wash in cold water and lay flat to air dry.

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