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Jessie Jay Cloth

Small Honeycomb Bee Soap | 25 pack deal | Hand Soaps

Small Honeycomb Bee Soap | 25 pack deal | Hand Soaps

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Surprise your guests with these beautiful bee and honeycomb favor soaps.

🐝 Perfect as baby shower and wedding favors, even bee-day parties! Makes a great gift for clients, goodie bags, decoration and more.


👉Click here to choose your scents 

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Each soap is approximately 1.7" x 1.4" across and packaged in large resealable bags. 

1. Choose a scent and write above. You may choose up to 5 scents.
2. You may choose a color or NO Color, if a color is not chosen I will match with the scent chosen unless stated no color.  You may choose up to 5 colors. 

3. The listing price is for 25 pieces of soap

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Mini: Hand washing - 1 to 2 uses 

Tiny: Hand washing/mini clean - Multiple uses 

Small: daily shower/bath - Palm length/width 

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