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Jessie Jay Cloth

Inventory Mystery Box | Grab Bag, Handmade Items | Discounted Bundles

Inventory Mystery Box | Grab Bag, Handmade Items | Discounted Bundles

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What's in the box? It's a mystery!

-You can browse our website to see examples of our handmade items. You can also state prints that you like/dislike. Horror, Cute, Animals, Colors, Characters, Adult Prints, PG prints only, etc. 

Purchase a mystery box to receive a surprise assortment of items for a discounted price. All items in the box are unknown until opened.

Box sizes and prices:

  • Small box: $20 (value of $25 or higher)
  • Medium box: $30 (value of $40 or higher)
  • Large box: $45 (value of $65 or higher)
  • X-Large box: $60 (value of $90 or higher)

Mystery boxes are the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one who loves surprises.

Please note: Mystery boxes are not for everyone. If you are looking for a specific item, it is recommended that you purchase that item individually instead of a mystery box. There is no guarantee of what items will be in your box. The only guarantee is that the total value of the items will be at or above the price of the box.


Underlined items you can request them. This does not guarantee that you will receive the exact items you requested, but I will try my best to provide items of a similar size or length, if available.

Items included in this scoop are: 

✨Coffin Wallets 

✨Twist Knot Headbands 

✨Coffee Cozy x3 Variations 


✨Car Trash Tamer - Trash Bag 

✨ Grocery Bag Holder x4 Sizes 

✨Pocket Pal Wallet 

Children clothing (only if you leave a size/age in notes) 

✨Cat Zipper Pouch

✨Regular size Boxy Bags 

✨Itty Bitty Boxy Bag Keychains 

✨Cloth Pad & Cloth Diaper Key Chains 

✨Wet Bags 

✨Pad wrappers (also used as snack bags) 

✨ Zipper Snack Bags 

Cloth Pads (only upon request, you may leave lengths you prefer) 

Snowbound Slipper Boots (if a size is left, Nb up to Male Adult) 

Soft sole shoes (Sizes Nb up to 7 years) 

✨ Underwear (girls, boys, or adult female please specify, and size) 

✨Tote Bag x4 Sizes 

✨Wristlet Clutch Pouch x2 sizes 

✨Bat Key Cover 

✨Cord Holders

✨Panties in a bunch Wristlet or Coin Purse 

✨Period Pouch x2 sizes (also holds many other items) 

✨Card Wallets 

✨Cloth Wipes, Unpaper Towels, Face Wipes with bag holder 

Panty Liners (Upon request you can leave length preferred)

✨Earrings, Keychains, Necklaces 

✨Lip Gloss Keychains, Lip Gloss 

Face Mask (Sizes: Small Kids-3 to 6, Young Kids-7 to 12, Teen to Adult Female, Male Adult)

Jelly Soaps - You can state PG or Rated R

✨Solid Soaps - You can state PG or Rated R

✨Hair Scrunchies x6 variations 

✨Scrunchie Wristlet 

✨Zipper Scrunchie 

✨Sugar Lip Scrub 

✨Bloom Microwave Bowl Cozy x3 sizes

✨Straight or Round Corner Bowl Cozy x3 sizes

✨Fidget Relief Marble Maze 

Safety Items Not handmade but can be added if interest  

✨Large 10cm PomPom Keychain 


New items being added weekly!

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