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Jessie Jay Cloth

LOL Halloween Dolls | Cloth Pad Drying Strap | Horror, Spooky |

LOL Halloween Dolls | Cloth Pad Drying Strap | Horror, Spooky |

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This Listing is for 1 or more Cloth Pad Drying Strap - Snaps will be added once purchased 

👌To hang your pads to dry, snap one end of the strap around a shower curtain, pole, or doorknob. You can then add more pads to the link by snapping them together.

🤏It's especially useful in small spaces or when a clothes dryer can't be used.
Travelers can use it to dry their pads in bathrooms while on trips.

✓ Drying cloth pads naturally is much kinder to the pad
✓ It will extend the life of the pad
✓ The air flow will enable faster drying time also cutting down on energy saving you money!
✓ Use your discretion with how heavy your pads are after washing them. I usually hang 5-6 on one dry strap.

🆗 In the washer, pads tend to bunch up, so shape them before hanging to dry.

🆗- Perfect for hanging on the cupboard, shower/towel rail, linen line or even on a door hook.

🆗 Easily fits round a 1.5" Rod pole

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