Marble Mesh Fidget Sensory Toy | Stress Relief | Silent, perfect for phone calls or classrooms

Jessie Jay Cloth

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This fidget toy is perfect for a simple pocket fidget. The mesh contains a marble which you are able to push up and down within the material. Each mesh sleeve is about 1.4" wide and 4" long  and can be twisted as shown in the image. 

Push & Pull it like an accordion, Twist and Stretch it, Squeeze and Bend, Or slide the marble to each end. Several options to keep your hands or hand busy. 


  • Habit Breaker: Stop nail picking and biting from keeping fingers busy so as to break bad habits.
  • Helpful Effect: Help ADHD ADD OCD patient relieving high stress or anxiety levels.
  • Highly Recommended: Fidget toys are highly recommended by teachers, parents and therapists.

  • Hand wash and lay flat to dry is recommended, but they can also be machined washed/dried if necessary.
  • Variations: Colors – Chosen at random. You may include colors you would like, or if you wouldn't like pink for example if gifting to someone else. 
  • Age: 3+ years

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