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Jessie Jay Cloth

Tiny Leaf Shaped Hand Soap | 1"L x 0.5"W | Single Use Soap

Tiny Leaf Shaped Hand Soap | 1"L x 0.5"W | Single Use Soap

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A minimum of 5 pieces per scent is required for Mini & Tiny size soaps!

👉5 pack = 1 scent option 

👉10 pack = 2 scents max

👉25 pack = 5 scents max

👉50 pack = 10 scents max

👉100 pack 20 scents max

🍃The perfect Novelty gift for a co-worker, friend, family, or just for yourself!

Great Single-use soaps for guests, cleaning, camping + more! 

Recommendation - Try our Popular scent Four Twenty Gummies:  This scent would do Woodstock proud. If this scent was a color it would definitely be tie-dye. This crazy strong scent is seriously awesome. Sweet and herbaceous. Top Notes of Tangy Lemon, Juicy Orange and Peach. Middle Notes of Raspberry Nectar, Midnight Jasmine and Tonka. Bottom notes of Patchouli Leaves, Cannabis Sativa and Musk. Even if you don't care for the scent of cannabis, you will still love this super chill scent. There is a lot going on in this fragrance oil. It is super strong and has an amazing scent throw. Don't worry, this oil is synthetic and doesn't have THC.


👉Click here to choose your scents 

👉New scents Click here

Each soap is approximately 1"L x 0.5"W  and packaged in a resealable bag. 

1. Choose a scent and write it in notes above
2. You may choose a color or NO Color, if a color is not chosen I will match with the scent chosen unless stated no color. 

3. The listing price is for 5 to 100 pieces of soap

Disclaimer: Products and claims presented have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Information provided is for informational purposes only.


Mini: Hand washing - 1 to 2 uses 

Tiny: Hand washing/mini clean - Multiple uses 

Small: daily shower/bath - Palm length/width 

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