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Jessie Jay Cloth

NEW to cloth pads? Try our Cloth Pad Trial Set | 5 to 20 inches | Variety Pack

NEW to cloth pads? Try our Cloth Pad Trial Set | 5 to 20 inches | Variety Pack

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Discover your perfect cloth pad with our trial set!

Unsure about the best shape or snapped width for you? Let us help! We'll curate a set of pads with various shapes and snapped widths for you to try. Unless you already know the snapped width you prefer 😉Than we will give you a trial set of multiple shapes with your preferred snapped width. 

You can choose your Fabric or state random/surprise if you would like to try out the several different topper fabrics we have in stock.  We'll include a sticker on each pad with all the information you need to know. 


Step 1: Choose a length - If you wish to order multiple lengths, simply add this listing to your cart for each length.

Step 2: Choose the absorbency you would like 

Step 3: Click on the links in the description below to choose your fabric. You can also State Random/Surprise & whether you prefer a certain topper fabric. In the event you do not, I will add multiple for you to try.

Step 4: Choose your snapped width. You can enter several different snapped widths if you are unsure of what you want.

  • 2.5" has 20+ different options 
  • 2.75" has 20+ different options 
  • 3" has 15 different options 
  • 3.25" has 2 options, 3.5" has 1 option, & 4" has 2 options 

A mix of snapped widths can also be chosen for the 20 pack.



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