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Jessie Jay Cloth

Post Partum Absorbency | Add on | 1,500 GSM

Post Partum Absorbency | Add on | 1,500 GSM

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For the pad you would like to add this to, choose Super Heavy Absorbency. 

Making an add-on for a higher absorbency is quicker than editing all of my custom listings. This Add on will only apply to pads that have SUPER HEAVY chosen from the drop down menu.  

↓Absorbency Guide ↓
▬ Liner = No Core, flannel backing
▬ Light = 200-300 GSM
▬ Moderate = 400-600 GSM
▬ Heavy = 700-900 GSM
▬ Super Heavy = 1000+ GSM 

▬ Post Partum = 1500+ GSM


In the notes add which pad(s) you are adding this to.


- Say "ALL" if you want all. 

- All Super Heavy Pads

- Or you can add the name of the pad and length.

All Custom Listings have the name of the shape in the listing title/description area. 
Lady Luna 12", Monstress 16" etc. 

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