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Jessie Jay Cloth

Realistic Dragons, Custom PUL Lined Pad Wrapper | Wet bag | | Multi Use bag | 4 sizes to choose from

Realistic Dragons, Custom PUL Lined Pad Wrapper | Wet bag | | Multi Use bag | 4 sizes to choose from

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Waterproof PUL:

This PUL is 100% Polyester Interlock with a 1 Mil Polyurethane lamination.   It weighs 160 GSM.  It is perfect for diaper covers, bibs, raincoats wet bags, and mama pads. Machine wash in warm or hot water using regular or HE laundry detergent.  Avoid the use of harsh stain removal, vinegar or bleach products.  Tumble dry on low or lay flat to dry.  Do not iron or dry clean.  

Optional to add a snap on handle to all bags for $1.50 - Click here to add on handle


Clean or used cloth pads can be conveniently stored in this pouch as well as menstrual cups, breast pads, and other items. Additionally, they're great for storing loose items in your bag, such as lipstick, tissues, face masks, and snacks.

 Bags are 1" bigger then stated measurements - I don't count the fold as length

  •  Small 4 x 4 inches - Fits 1 cloth pad or liner
  • Medium 5 x 5 inches - 1 to 2 cloth pads or a few liners 
  • Large 6 x 6 inches - 2 to 3 pads or several liners 
  •  X-Large 7 x 7 inches - Great for Larger or flared pads. 1 to 5 cloths pads or several liners 

Cleaning & Care 

General Washing ~

- Wash on cold or warm with other like laundry. Let air dry (these dry super duper fast!). Do not tumble dry, as it will shorten the life span of the waterproof material.



♥ Some possible uses include:

✓ Great for traveling
✓ Use it as a makeup or toiletry bag
✓ Fill it with anything you'd like to store, organize, or travel with.
✓ Cloth Wipes
✓ Cloth Pads
✓ Toiletries
✓ Cosmetics - Make up
✓ Knitting or sewing projects
✓ Toys
✓ Electronics and adapters
✓ Pencils, crayons, markers, for school
✓ Snacks
✓ Baby items
✓Medicine + More!
♥ The options are endless


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