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Jessie Jay Cloth

Summer & Spring Scents | Variety Pack Cloth Wipe Bits | Multi Use

Summer & Spring Scents | Variety Pack Cloth Wipe Bits | Multi Use

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More Info On Wipe Bits 

✓ This listing is for a Variety Sample Pack that includes 25-50 pieces of your choosing. Minimum of 5 pieces per scent. With this sampler, you can try different scents without purchasing a whole bag of one you're not sure about.

♥ Fill up the soap dishes at your Wedding, Wedding Shower, Baby Shower or Party. Put a little baggie of them in your Swag Bags or Party Favor Kits. The options are endless!

✓ I match colors with which ever scents are chosen, but if you would like to choose your colors just leave a comment before checking out.

25 pieces (2 oz) = 5 scents max to try
> 200-300 ounces of solution! <

50 pieces (4 oz) = 10 scents max to try
> 400-600 ounces of solution <

♥ You can choose all to be 1 scent as well as get more then 5 pieces of 1 scent. Comment which scents you would like at checkout. 

✓ All wipe bits are weighed out; so no matter the shape choice you will get the same amount. You can leave a comment during check out if you would like these without color. Multiple cute shapes to choose from.
Disclaimer: Products and claims presented have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Information provided is for informational purposes only.

>> SCENT DESCRIPTIONS << You can also click my link to my facebook to read the scent descriptions in my Photo albums for quicker reading.
Spring & Summer Scent Click Here

Barefoot In The Grass: Everyone loves that feeling; the first time Spring's warm sun and freshly cut grass entice you to take off your shoes and go barefoot in the grass! We love this super refreshing scent! Top notes of lime, mandarin and bergamot. Middle notes of spring grass, grapefruit and poppies. Bottom notes of teakwood, blonde oak wood and sweet meadow.

Bazooka Bubble gum: You will love our version of this popular scent. A sweet childhood smell - juicy childhood bubblegum - smells exactly like bazooka! True to the name.

Bird Of Paradise: One sniff & you will think you have escaped to a tropical paradise. Tropical fruits meet tropical flowers! The best of both worlds. Top notes of Coconut, Pineapple and hints of Peach Blossoms. Middle notes of Gardenia Petals, Honeysuckle and Water Lotus with bottom notes of Palm Leaves, Island Jasmine and Sheer Spice. A lovely tropical delight!

BLACK CHERRY MERLOT: You will love our version of this addictive blend of dark cherry, black raspberry and sumptuous merlot. Heaven in a bottle! Top notes of Cherry, fruits and citrus; middle notes of light floral and sweet black raspberry with a base of a light powdery musk.

BUTTERCREAM MAPLE FROSTING: A delicious blend of rich butter crème frosting with luscious maple sugar blended throughout. A wonderful new twist to everyone's favorite! Ooh la la - this is magnificent!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: That wonderful smell of homemade cookies without the calories! Tons of sugar, a combination of light and dark chocolate and vanilla. A sweet, rich decadent delight!

♥Chocolate Doughnut: A deliciously sweet, chocolate donut. So rich and yummy you will want to take a bite! Rich, delicious chocolate, creamy hints of coconut, crushed pecan scent with bottom notes of French Vanilla, cream melted butter and luscious whipped cream. Down home goodness.

Coffee Addiction- Lukes Diner: With a nod to Luke of the Gilmore Girls and the coffee addiction of Stars Hollow we bring to you our version of a rich good to the last drop cup of coffee. A hot cup of freshly brewed coffee with the tiniest swirl of vanilla creamer and sugar - sure to please even the most obsessed coffee drinkers.

COFFEE ICE CREAM (STARBUCKS): THE ABSOLUTE ULTIMATE FOR ALL COFFEE LOVERS! Sweet buttery cream is laced with smooth Brazilian coffee to enhance the senses in this soda fountain classic. Hints of brown sugar and cocoa powder add delightful richness to the creamy vanilla base, blending into the perfect ice cream sensation.

Downy Lavender Vanilla: A classic lavender scent kissed with soft notes of vanilla. Top notes are of ozone combined with middle notes of lavender, rose and hints of violet. The base of this oil consists of light musk, sandalwood and rich vanilla.

Elsas Frozen Magic: We think beautiful Elsa should have her own signature scent. Top notes of Morning Seabreeze, Bergamot and Frozen Rain. Middle notes of Juniper Berries, Chamomile and White Poinsettia. Bottom notes have hints of Cedar branches, misted vanilla and peppermint sticks. A fabulous, uplifting fresh scent fit for a Queen!

Exhale: Sometimes, you just have to breathe so you can relax and unwind that feeling of total calm; free from emotional disturbances. We all crave that feeling. Let this fabulous scent take you to that safe haven. The crisp freshness of sea salt meets the luxurious richness of vanilla in a blend that is uniquely comforting and yet refreshingly spa like. Top notes of lemon, fleur de sel water, cool calone. Middle notes of cedar leaf, eucalyptus and aquatic lilies. Bottom notes of cotton musk, teakwood and white vanilla beans. This spa oil is refreshing and luxurious. A fabulous blend of rich vanilla bean and sea salts.

Four Twenty Gummies: This scent would do Woodstock proud. If this scent was a color it would definitely be tie-dye. This crazy strong scent is seriously awesome. Sweet and herbaceous. Top Notes of Tangy Lemon, Juicy Orange and Peach. Middle Notes of Raspberry Nectar, Midnight Jasmine and Tonka. Bottom notes of Patchouli Leaves, Cannabis Sativa and Musk. Even if you don't care for the scent of cannabis, you will still love this super chill scent. There is a lot going on in this fragrance oil. It is super strong and has an amazing scent throw. Don't worry, this oil is synthetic and doesn't have THC.

Free Spirit: Free Spirit is an exotic, provocative scent. It completely encompasses the lighthearted earthy soul of the Free Spirit. With top notes of Bergamot, lemon and petitgrain. Middle notes of mahogany, frankincense and cedarwood. Bottom notes of patchouli, vanilla and musk. This scent literally exudes warmth, sensuousness and subtle sexiness. The complexity of this scent will take you on a passionate journey to find your free spirit. Even if you don't like an "earthy" scent, you have to try this oil. It is just beautiful.

Glazed Doughnuts: NEW VERSION! Even Better! We searched a long time for a Krispie Kreme donut duplication and YAY - now we have it! Sweet, warm donuts covered in a sugary glaze. Top notes of Sweetened milk, granulated sugar and pastry flour. Middle notes of confectioner's sugar and rich creamy vanilla with bottom notes of Fried dough, buttercream and sweet vanilla glaze.

Gummi Bear Slushi: Yum, yum and YUM! You will love this super strong scent! Loaded with juicy fruits! Top notes of mango, lime, nectarine, orange and grapefruit. Middle notes of peach, ginger flowers, pink pepper and clove leaves. Bottom notes of muck and hint of vanilla. Cool, refreshing and did I say strong?!

HAZELNUT MARSHMALLOW FLUFF: Totally fabulous! This oil will make you drool! Crushed hazelnuts, loads of sweet, fluffy marshmallow...maple syrup, Tonka bean and hints of mimosa with tons of sweet vanilla and doused with a sugary glaze! Heaven in a bottle! Crazy strong! Crazy Good!

Hippy Cakes: Top notes of buttercream, coconut milk and rich bakery notes. Middle notes of Tonka, soft cashmere, and hints of melted chocolate. Bottom notes of vanilla, hints of Olibanum and musk. All blended together to give you a little hint of "something extra" baked into your brownies and cakes.

Mermaid Munchies: Even a mermaid gets the munchies for a yummy snack! Top notes of Sun kissed Valencia Orange, California Lemon and Honeydew Melon; middle notes of wild red berries, palm leaf and water lotus with bottom notes of hints of pink jasmine, vanilla orchid and apple blossom.

Mermaid Smooches: Sweet, but super strong! Top notes of Juicy peach, Mandarin Orange and grapefruit. Middle notes of cranberry juice, a dash of bitters and peach Schnapps. Bottom notes of Rose extract, cognac and musk. The blend of all the components in this oil is crazy good!

Pink Lemonade: Recapture your youth with this memory provoking fragrance. Includes top notes of lemon, orange and pineapple. Sweet strawberry and lime at the heart. Concludes with a creamy vanilla base. Has great dimension with just the right amount of sweetness and tartness. Everyone that smells it; loves it! complex, sweet and pungent at the same time and there is NOTHING elso that smells like it.

Pink Petal Teacake: Pink Rose Petals, Pound Cake and Vanilla Glaze. You think this oil will be all about Rose - but it's not. I think it is wonderful blend of light pink rose petals with vanilla pound cake and that fabulous sweet sugary glaze! Heaven in a bottle. Some of our testers thought it was a sugared rose with buttercream. Top notes of Bergamot, orange and hints of red berries. Middle notes of pink rose petals, pound cake accord and jasmine. Bottom notes of Vanilla glaze, violet leaves and a light, sweet musk.

Pink Tutu: I think this might be my new favorite oil! Sweet and rich! Top notes of lemon, sparkling cassis, and Sicilian Bergamot. Middle notes of juicy pluots, black plum and centifolia rose. Bottom notes of olibanum resin, black amber and creamy Tonka beans. My testers went nuts over this oil.

Practical Magic: Mysterious. Intriguing. Dark. Sexy. This special concoction is crafted with top notes of Bergamot and raspberry. Middle notes of Violette de Parma, geranium and white rose with bottom notes of Tonka bean, precious woods and musk. This scent creates it's own special magic and will surround you in a seductive and mysterious aroma on the way to another magical and mystical adventure. You will love this spell bounding fragrance oil!

Root Beer Float: Good old fashioned deliciousness! Thick and creamy root beer deliciousness mixed with sweet vanilla goodness. It’s a flavor smash up. A frothy bite of yum and the frosty taste of fun, equals YUM! Top notes of star anise, cinnamon stick and a hint of clove leaf; middle notes of root beer soda, aged rum and teeny hints of coconut shavings. Bottom notes of whipped marshmallow, sugar crystals and vanilla bean. Take a step back to the good old days and old fashioned delights.

Santal Almond Cream: Creamy nuances of shea, heliotrope and exotic acerola introduce this alluring fragrance as coconut and sweet almond milk seduce the senses. Blonde sandalwood and warm amber intermingle with sheer musk in the back elevating the addictive signature. Best seller; One sniff and your hooked!

Seaside Blossoms: Layered, sultry and mesmerizing. Sunlit peonies and wild beach rose blossoms next to weathered wood and sand dunes. This is a beautiful scent! I keep going back for just one more sniff! Top notes of neroli, fuschia peonies and pink kiwi. Middle notes of clary oil, beach rose and loganberries. Bottom notes of vetiver oil, weathered wood and sand musk. So won't be able to resist.

♥ Scandal: Super fun and fruity! Dragon fruit slices, guava juice and bergamot make up the top notes. Mid notes of Coconut Blossom syrup and jasmine petals. Bottom notes include a splash of gin and another healthy dash of dragon fruit! This oil is super strong and super fabulous! I think Olivia and Fitz would love this! A must try!
Skinny Dipping: Fresh and clean! A fabulous blend of raw coconut, Mexican Lime and Florida Orange. Middle notes of Lime Blossom, Coconut Milk and jasmine. Bottom notes of vanilla, Kukui and tropical musk. This is a paradise escape in a bottle. Ah, just take a break and enjoy your dip!

♥ Skittles: Who doesn't love sweet, sugary fruity Skittles! Top notes of Candy, Lime, Lemon Drop and Raspberry Kiss; middle notes of Grapefruit, Valencia Orange Pop and Red Candy Apple. Bottom notes of good Old-Fashioned Vanilla, Pulled Sugar and Heliotrope. A super fun, sweet fragrance

♥ Under The Sea: A Mermaid's Paradise. Raw coconut, Pink Pomelo and Kiwi Nectar; middle notes of Rain soaked Palm, Pineapple Leaves and custard apple. Bottom notes of Sun bleached driftwood, vanilla orchid and sugar cane. This oil is lighter out of bottle, but watch out, the scent will fill up your room in.

♥ FARM FRESH: A farmers fruit stand has never smelled so good! Crisp, ripe fruit that will make you drool! California Lemon Zest, fresh, crisp green apples, fresh picked red berries with middle notes of pear, white cyclamen and teeny tiny hints of lily of the valley. Bottom notes of reclaimed barn wood, candied peaches and vanilla bean complete this super fresh, super strong scent. Completely delightful...and YUM! Down home country goodness!

♥ RAINBOW SHERBET: We've had many requests for this oil! We love it! Sweet and tart! Hints of pineapple, fresh lime, orange and raspberry with loads of sweet, sugary vanilla. YUM! A yummy sweet treat everyone is sure to love.

SUMMER SORBET: A yummy frozen delight! On sniff and you will be hooked! A perfect blend of summer berries makes this sorbet amazing and super strong!

♥ UNICORN POP TARTS: We love this unique blend of fruits and pastry. This is a pop tart the Gilmore Girls couldn't resist! A fabulous blend of ripe juicy fruits such as plum, strawberry, raspberry and grapefruit sweetened by subtle undertones of french vanilla, hints of cocoa, melted butter, whipped cream and fresh baked goodness!

♥#WICKED: A tempting scent to delight your senses! A seductive blend of coconut milk, fresh pineapple, mango, nectarine and red berries with yummy vanilla sugar crystals complete this oil. Naughty or nice - you decide.

♥ Fruit Loops: You will love this yummy, sweet and delightful blend of juicy orange, ripe berries, tangerines and sweet sugary vanilla. Smells just like the real thing!
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