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Jessie Jay Cloth

Watermelon Classic Hair Scrunchie | Adult Size

Watermelon Classic Hair Scrunchie | Adult Size

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Pull your hair up with our adorable Print Hair Scrunchie. We have 7 variations of hair scrunchies. This listing shows an Classic Hair scrunchie. Examples can be seen in the next few photos. 

1. Classic 

2. Extra Fluffy 

3. Extra Tall 

4. Bunny Ear 

5. Long Tie 

6. Toddler 

7. Toddler Bow Knot 

We offer a funky twist with fun bright colors and fashion-forward prints. Tie them around your basic ponytail to spice up your style, add them to the end of your braid, or even around the base of your bun, for a splash of extra color and style.

This scrunchie is made of 100% cotton! It is soft, comfortable and best of all, durable!  They can wrap around your hair 2-3 times (depending on the thickness of your hair) without pulling or snagging it.

Care Instructions: Hand wash Only. 

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