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Jessie Jay Cloth

X-Large Beauty Scoop | Bulk Mystery Lip Gloss, Balm, Scrub, Mask, Oil | 1 Free gift | Discount, Wholesale, Make up | Add on

X-Large Beauty Scoop | Bulk Mystery Lip Gloss, Balm, Scrub, Mask, Oil | 1 Free gift | Discount, Wholesale, Make up | Add on

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@insomniacemporium Check out our NEW extra-large beauty scoop bin! We filled a 41 qt bin to the brim with the goodies you can win. #beautyscoop #beautyscoops #makeupscoop #makeupscoops #fypage #fypシ #fypシ゚viral #trending #tiktoktrend #lipstick #lipgloss #lipscrub #sugarscrub #sugarscrubs #honeycombgloss #babybottlegloss #honey #honeypot #honeypotproducts #wholesale #discount #shopsmall #shoponline #makeup #beauty #websitesforbusiness #customersmostloved #customerfavorite #foryou #foryoupage #foryourpage #jessiejaycloth #bobateaandme #bobalipcream #bobalipbalm #lipjelly ♬ Sunny Day - Ted Fresco


 New item add ons:  
Bath Bombs 
Shower Steamers 
Collagen Face Masks
Canvas Bags
Mesh Waterproof Bags
Makeup Pouch
Spa Headbands
Oil Blotting Sheets
Under eye Mask
Matte Lipstick
Several Nude Shades Lip Gloss

- Every item comes sealed and packaged safely to prevent damage. In the event that multiples of the same exact item appear in your scoop, I'll replace it with a new one!

✨ You can choose 1 full scoop, 1 half scoop, or a 1/4 scoop! Honey Pot shapes will come with a cute little honey wand applicator wand, and sugar scrubs will come with 1 duo lip scrub brush & 1 applicator to scoop out of container.

Some items are larger then others - Don't forget to choose your free gift above!
1/4 Scoop averages: 11-14 Pieces
1/2 Half Scoop averages: 23 -27 Pieces
Full Scoop averages: Pieces 47 - 55 Pieces

✨ Free gift with every purchase! It will be a surprise, but You get to choose which item you would like.

🔥 Check out our NEW X-Large Beauty Scoop Bin! We filled a 41 quart bin to the brim with lots of fun goodies you can win. Our x-Large scoop is 64 ounces! This bin includes handmade items from my shop in fun shapes including:
- Honeycomb
- Light bulb
- Parasol - Umbrella
- Clear Wand Tubes
- Squeeze Tubes
- Squeeze tubes with wand
- Heart shaped
- Popsicle Shaped
- Wine Bottle Shaped
- Clear Soda Bottle with color
- Baby Bottle
- Mini Capsule
Some tubes will come as a keychain! They will have a chain and a cute charm added to them 😍

It also includes a few hundred different items in soo many different scents & flavors!

The following items may be included with each beauty scoop:
Sugar Lip Scrub
Color Changing Lip Gloss
Color Changing Lip Balm
Ice cream Cone Lip Balms
Ice Cream Cone Lip Stick
Boba Tea Lip Balm
Honey Pot Lip Balm
10 Gram Sugar lip Scrub
20 gram sugar lip scrub
Kawaii Macaroon Nail Polish Remover
Rainbow Lip Gloss
Refreshing Lip Oil
Strawberry Shaped Lip Balm
Fruit Burst Lip Jelly
24k Magic Lip Oil
Lip Masks
2 in 1 lip Balm & gloss lollipop shaped
Panda Shaped Lip Balm
Kitty Shaped Lip Balm
Pig Shaped lip Balm
Sugar Scrub in a squeeze tube
Unicorn Kiss sorbet lip balm
Roller gloss lip gloss
Nut Lip Scrub
Twist knot headband
Hair Scrunchie
Large 10cm PomPom Keychain
5 to 6 oz jar of candy from candy club
Safety Keychain
2 Pairs of earrings
+ More!


@insomniacemporium New items added to the beauty bin! Free gifts with every purchase. Choose your free gift 🎁 #beautybin #scoop #scoopbin #lipgloss #makeup #scooptok #fyp #fypシ #foryou #foryoupage #shopping #smallbusiness #pompom #gift #freegift #beautyscoop #beautyscoops #beautyscoop💋 #lipscrub #lipmask #lipcare #boba #bobatea #lipbalmaddict #lipaddict ♬ Asking Twice - BLVKSHP

Some scents/flavors included:
- Orange
- Peach
- Blueberry
- Grape
- Strawberry
- Avocado
- Grape
- Chocolate Mint
- Blueberry
- Watermelon
- Strawberries & Cream
- Cotton Candy
- Very Berry
- Pina Coloda
- Matcha & Milk Tea
- Caramel Macchiato
- Tropical
- Bubble Gum
- Mint
- Cherries
- Berries
- Coconut
- Citrus
- Vanilla Bean
- Strawberry Sorbet
- Honey Almond
- Sprinkle Donut
- Gummy Bear
- Peaches N' Cream
- Vanilla Cupcake
- Cherry Pie
- Green Apple
- Vanilla
- Almond
- Caramel
- Mango
- Jasmine
- Tea tree oil
- Rose flower
- Calendula
- Chamomile
- Osmanthus
- Honey
- Coconut
- Pineapple
- Chocolate Lover
- Cappuccino Latte
- French Toast
- Fruity Cereal
- Strawberry Cheesecake
- Strawberry Lemonade
- Carmel Apple - Boba style
- Smores - cute shapes added into gloss
- Cotton Candy
- Cake Batter
- Watermelon
- Mixed Berries
- Mango
- Banana Pudding
- Strawberry Kiwi
- Fruit Punch
- Watermelon
- Tutti Fruiti - Like green apple jolly rancher
- Birthday Cake
- Cotton Candy
- Bubble Gum
- Peppermint
- Peppermint Rose
- Banana Cream
- Cherry
- Blueberry
- Mango
- Peach
- Raspberry
- Pink Lemonade


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